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Reviews and Testimonials

At Bodhi Tree Group, we take pride in providing top-notch property management services to our customers.

Take a moment to read through some of the comments and see for yourself why we're a leader in our industry.

We understand that trust and satisfaction are key factors in any business relationship, which is why we’re proud to share the positive feedback we’ve received from our valued customers.

From our google reviews to personal testimonials, our reviews and testimonial page is a true reflection of the hard work and dedication we put into every interaction we have with our clients.

Our Google Reviews

Louise Lam
Louise Lam
Bodhitree Group is one of the best property management teams I've worked with. As a tenant, they have provided me with prompt responses, empathy and great service since day one. They are simply easy and great to deal with. My brother and I have never had an issue with them - we only have great things to say about the team
Crane Master
Crane Master
The staff of Bodhitree is very professional, courteous, and bent over backward to accommodate our schedule. They are prompted in returning phone calls and emails, and the team was always on time and efficient.

Client Testimonials

I first learned about the Australian BODHITREE company through the Internet. My greatest accomplishment is getting to know the BODHITREE team, who exudes authentic and trustworthy energy. Over a year of conversation has confirmed my initial impression. I bought two flats from Zhongzheng, one of which has been given to the BODHITREE company to handle leasing and management. I absolutely believe that selecting a property management firm is a wise decision for clients of BODHITREE, particularly those looking to invest in properties in Melbourne, Australia. Having such a strong team of clients also makes me feel like a very secure customer. I will only select BODHITREE if I choose to invest in Melbourne in the future.

Mr. Liu Xin

March 2020

The entire investing process is convenient, flexible, secure, and reliable. Your kind and capable staff members—who work for the company—have given comprehensive information and documents. We will definitely find your company if I can still purchase a home in Australia to rent out.

Dowson Y.

October 2019

I've rented out three residences in Fortitude Valley, QLD, and the return on investment is always higher than the asking price. The customer service, product quality, and team professionalism of BODHITREE have exceeded my expectations. In the future, I will strongly recommend you to my friends.

Mrs. Zhu

June 2019

From my experiences selling homes, I am extremely pleased not just with your service but also with the integrity of your clients. Naturally, if I have friends who are thinking about investing in Australia, I will unquestionably give them my recommendation. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Easy to do. We will absolutely locate your business if I'm still able to purchase a home in Australia to rent out.

Jennifer A

March 2019

To be a client of your business is an incredible honor. I have received a comprehensive report regarding the property that your company has rented out. I count myself fortunate to know your team. My perception of their "warmth and compassion" is truly enhanced by your delicate and charming extended services. I appreciate your business and will undoubtedly tell my friends about your products. I frequently upload photos of the stunning Brisbane countryside to WeChat Moments, and the quality of the images is excellent. We appreciate the team's and your business' over-the-top extending service!

Mr. Tian

October 2018