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About Bodhi Tree

We are focused on delivering client focused, high-quality, and cost effective, property management services throughout Australia.

Bodhi Tree Group

Bodhi Tree was established as a company in 2017, but we have been managing and developing properties in Australia for more than 20 years.

Our expert team are dedicated to providing high-quality services, and have experience managing properties all across Australia, as well as internationally. The team works hard to provide exceptional service to every client who has trusted Bodhi Tree with their property, and we endeavor to give clients a more flexible, convenient, and joyful experience.

A service-oriented business, Bodhi Tree provides the highest caliber of long- and short-term rental property management services. Thanks to our cutting-edge management concepts, excellent creative thinking, and honest service mentality, we have been able to successfully assist owners in easily and swiftly turning a profit on their assets.

The Bodhi Tree Brand

The Buddha attained enlightenment under Ashvattha, a gigantic tree. The word “bodhi” is a transcription of the Sanskrit word “bodhi” which means “enlightenment” and denotes the moment when someone suddenly realizes the truth and turns transcendent.


The Bodhi tree is also known as “The Tree of Perception” and “The Tree of Thinking”.

The Bodhi tree stands for serenity and authenticity. Our dedication to making our guests feel at ease, relaxed, and comfortable mirrors the commitment we bring to our service.

We want our guests to feel as though they have returned to a place of absolute tranquillity amid the chaos and have found a spot where their bodies and spirit may unwind.

Since its establishment five years ago, Bodhi Tree has earned positive recognition from domestic and international clients and assisted hundreds of individuals in fulfilling their dream of investing in overseas real estate.

To maintain our stellar reputation for customer service, we utilize a strategic sales approach and maintain open and honest communication with each client.

Additionally, to protect our client’s interests and long-term advantages, we strictly adhere to foreign legislation when conducting business, paying keen attention to every detail.

We are passionate about sticking to one straightforward principle: assisting clients in exceeding their investment returns in international markets.

We are also passionate educators, and love teaching our clients how to run a global rental business from home!

Reviews from Clients

Keep promises, Create Classics

Real Case

A client approached us in 2020 after learning that they would be required to pay a significant fine since they had previously neglected to pay their property management charge on time.

Due to being in China, handling and communication with their previous property management was challenging, which led to numerous issues and inconveniences.

After trusting Bodhi Tree with their property needs, we actively assisted the client in managing it and promptly paid the property fee.

The late charges were also averted, saving the client a substantial fee. The client was ecstatic and grateful for trusting Bodhi Tree as we saved them money, time, effort, and worry.