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Property Management Services

We are focused on delivering client focused, high-quality, and cost effective, property management services throughout Australia.

2022 Fast Starters Award from Financial Review

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With over 20 years of Expertise

Bodhi Tree was established as a company in 2017,  With over 20 years of expertise, our highly experienced team has a proven track record in successfully managing and developing properties in Australia.

Our expert team is dedicated to providing high-quality services, across the country, as well as internationally.

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Bodhitree Group Fast Starters Award 2022
Bodhitree Group Fast Starters Award 2022

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Excellent After-sales Service

To put your mind at ease, we provide you with complete long-term property management services and after-sales services from the moment you get in touch with us.

All of your property needs will be met, and exceeded, with BODHITREE.

Property Management

BODHITREE is one of Australia's largest and most established property management companies. Our management team will handle the innovative property management of large flats and modern homes for you, offering you top-notch professional services.


Rent is a significant component of any property investment. BODHITREE offers a lot of possibilities for retail and internet marketing.


To help our clients, BODHITREE offers qualified services. A plethora of information on Australian market trends is available from our knowledgeable sales team. If you decide to sell your home, we are the right choice for you.

Many Brisbane investors trusts Bodhi Tree Group to maximize their yield and returns

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Bodhi Tree has earned positive recognition from domestic and international clients, and assisted hundreds of individuals
in fulfilling their dream of investing in overseas real estate.




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Keep promises, Create Classics

Real Case

A client approached us in 2020 after learning that they would be required to pay a significant fine since they had previously neglected to pay their property management charge on time.

Due to being in China, handling and communication with their previous property management was challenging, which led to numerous issues and inconveniences.

After trusting Bodhi Tree with their property needs, we actively assisted the client in managing it and promptly paid the property fee.

The late charges were also averted, saving the client a substantial fee. The client was ecstatic and grateful for trusting Bodhi Tree as we saved them money, time, effort, and worry.